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Kunerad castle

V stredu 10. marca 2010 Kuneradský zámok opat po rokoch horel.
Požiar, ktorý hasilo 33 hasičov a likvidovali ho takmer 25 hodín, zničil skoro celú zrekonštruovanú strechu, krov a novú krytinu. Hasením požiaru bola poškodená aj elektroinštaláciu a steny v interiéri. Fotogalériu ohorenej strechy si možete pozriet tu!

Kunerad castle
This castle was built in years 1914-1916. It was the duke Ballestrém´s suggestion to built this hunting castle to look at french architecture.
This block building has many towers, arcades, terraces and outstairs.
High roofs and romantic interiors are making an imagination of gothic residence.  The castle was built as a summer clime for Caesar from Austria and Germany but the first world war averted it. The residence of family Ballestrém had its own powerstation on water drive. There is also a waterfall in the castle.
This family was very educated, friendly and religious. They built a chapel for holy Terezka Ježiškova here in their castle. In 25th september 1944 the castle was on fire because it was a residence for partizans. In 1959 the castle was repaired and was used for health services.